Clinical Specialists

John Lamorte, CPO CPed | Board Certified Prosthetist and Pedorthitist


John is a Co-Owner of Ortho-Pros, Inc and the chief prosthetist and pedorthist.  John has his Bachelor of Science in Prosthetics and Orthotics at New York University. He furthered his education by earning a specialist certificate in pedorthics.  He has been a clinical practioner for over 36 years.  Before beginning his career in prosthetics and orthotics, he earned both degrees in Microbiology at California State University at Long Beach as well as in Engineering at Pierce College.


Joel Bernknopf, CO | Board Certified Orthotist

Joel is a co-owner of Ortho-Pros, Inc and is the chief orthotist. Joel earned his Bachelors of Science in Kinesology at Brooklyn College.  He continued his education at Northwestern University’s Orthotics Program as well and UCLA’s Prosthetics training.  Joel has extensive experience in pediatric orthotics through orthopedic hospital in Los Angeles, CA.  He has worked along side sports medicine physicians in both professional and college athletes to treat sports injuries.